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Poppy Day

Poppy Day is usually held each year on the Friday before ANZAC Day so this year it will be on Friday 21st April 2017.


For those of you who may not be aware, funds collected from the poppy day appeal contribute to the welfare of Returned and Service members of the RSA within this region. Anyone wishing to help the SC RSA as a collector on Poppy Day may contact the office on  688 4123.

RSA volunteers exchange distinctive red poppies for a donation to the RSA Poppy Day appeal in support of veterans as well as ex-service people and their families in need.
The poppy reminds us of sacrifices made – both past and present. Poppies were the first flowers that grew in the battlefields of Flanders in Belgium during World War One and are a symbol of remembrance and hope. The New Zealand made RSA Poppy is a national icon, recognising the RSA’s endeavours to care for war veterans as well as remember those who never returned from war.
Poppy Day has been a part of the New Zealand calendar since 1922, making it one of the oldest nationwide appeals. It remains our most important appeal of the year so please donate.

Our annual Poppy Appeal is the RSA’s major fundraising campaign allowing us to continue the work that means so much to the thousands of veterans and their families who require assistance from the RSA. The RSA requires in excess of $2 million to carry out its welfare work. This includes the provision of glasses, hearing aids and essential dental work, specialist medical appointments as well as private surgery that is either not available through the public system or only possible after a long period on a waiting list.

RSA Support Advisors transport frail veterans to and from hospitals for treatment, visit those housed  in veterans’ rest homes and hospitals and provide residents with those little extra comforts that make life that little bit better. Emergency financial assistance is available where essential need extends beyond the limitations of government and other community support.

In short, the RSA helps people of all ages, providing financial, social and emotional help to all those who have been affected by conflict. Beneficiaries range from children to widows, from single mothers to pensioners. Recipients need not be members of an RSA to benefit from Poppy Day Appeal assistance, but must be veterans or their dependants in need. Donations made to the Poppy Day Appeal are used to support RSA support services for veterans in the locality in which the funds are raised – it is a local appeal conducted nationwide. Some 200,000 people – that’s one in twenty of the New Zealand population – are eligible to approach us for help.

The annual Poppy Appeal campaign highlights the following stark facts about those in need of assistance from the RSA:

  1. Over 15,000 veterans with a disability, and receiving War Disablement Pensions; plus many more who have not made those applications.
  2. Many veterans without visitors, in rest homes and retirement villages or in their own homes.Families who need our support.
  3. Over 5,000 War Widows who are receiving the Surviving Spouse Pension, and others who have not made those applications.
  4. Many new veterans are being made every year with current New Zealand Defence Force deployments in many parts of the world.  There are more veterans now in New Zealand than there were in the two world wars put together!
  5. With a large proportion of the personnel under 30, the RSA’s role of safeguarding the welfare and interests of serving and ex-service people will be needed for many years to come.

“The RSA is most grateful for the public’s support of the Poppy Appeal,” said RSA National President BJ Clark. “The Poppy provides the means for every New Zealander to remember on ANZAC Day and at the same time to support our veterans and their families all year round”. 


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