Membership – South Canterbury RSA

Membership Prices:
TTCC Joining fee (2022/23) $20
TTCC Annual Membership fee (2022/23) $20
SC RSA Annual Membership (2022/23) $15

The South Canterbury RSA is now operating as a service group within the Timaru Town and Country Club.

We can only accept members to the SC RSA if they are a member of the TTCC.

To join or renew please visit us at 99 Douglas Street, Highfield, Timaru and reception can provide you with a form to fill in.

Our Fee in 2021/22 was $5. It was decided at the 2021 AGM that this fee would be increasing to $15 for memberships in 2022/23.

To clarify, a new member pays $55 the first year, then $35 yearly.

Membership runs from 1 Aug to 31 Jul.

These fees are subject to change.

After joining you will receive a TTCC Membership card and RSA Member card. These can take a few weeks to be available and can be collected at the bar at the TTCC.

Application Forms:

Alternatively can submit your membership application form via the TTCC Website

TTCC application form