Membership – South Canterbury RSA

Anyone can join, and once you are a member, you will receive invitations to our events, have access to awesome facilities, a great community, and great value bar and restaurant.

Please call the office on 688 4123 for details on how you can become a member

Membership Special:
current members $25 renewal for 12 months
new members $35 for 12 months
What about Provisional Membership?

See below.

Anyone can join the SC RSA.
The South Canterbury RSA warmly welcomes membership enquiries from individuals and families.

Everyone is welcome to join the South Canterbury RSA. You do not have to be Returned or Service personnel.

We have the forms at the office and within five minutes you can become a member ….. it really is that easy!!

You are welcome to transfer to the South Canterbury RSA if you are a member of another RSA. There is no charge if you are financial with your own Club.

Subscription rates do vary towards the end of our financial year. Check with the office for an update.

Membership Transfer:

If you are currently with another RSA anywhere in the country and you now reside permanently in Timaru you might consider transferring your membership to the South Canterbury RSA for convenience to save you the hassle of signing in each time you come to the Club.

Please give Irene a ring at the office on 688 4123 for details.

Application Forms:

You are welcome to download our membership application form here and email it

Forms are also available from the office or bar.

Download application form