South Canterbury RSA History

RSA member, Captain Douglas W Hodge, 12 Platoon, Wellington, West Coast Company, 19th (Wellington Infantry Battalion, 2NZEF) compiled a brief history of the SC RSA before he died.

On the 25th May 1916, the SC RSA made its debut as the South Canterbury Returned Soldiers’ Association. The Club thrived in rooms on Church Street, Timaru.

The Association’s Wai-iti Road site was opened on 30th August 1975. At one point the SC RSA has over 1,100 members. These included 125 Returned and 301 Service men and women on our data base.

Returned are those members who have fought in an overseas conflict or war and have been awarded campaign medals. Service refers to those who have served in the military but have never been involved in a conflict or war. The balance of our members are associate members.

The Wai-iti Road Club closed its doors on 31 January 2020.

The current South Canterbury RSA section is alive and well at the Timaru Town and Country Club, on Douglas Street, Timaru.