Sports & Social

There are a variety of Sports and Social Sections operating within the Town and Country Club which SC RSA members are welcome to join.

A couple of these sections have formed a new home at the TTCC following on from their original section at the Wai-iti Road RSA Club. Other ones have merged with similar TTCC Sections so while they are a TTCC Section, many of our RSA members have also joined.

SC RSA Indoor Bowls

For more information:
President: Diane Warwood - 688 5639 or 027 646 8017
Secretary/Treasurer: Wayne Williams - 688 1776 or 021 0255 2506

The SC RSA Indoor Bowls group play at the Timaru Indoor Bowls Stadium on Ranui Avenue. The cost is currently $4.00 and this includes afternoon tea and Raffles.

This is a very friendly group of people who enjoy the company of like minded folk. You will have the opportunity to take part in competitions if that is your thing.

Poppy Friendship

On the closing of our RSA 36 members of the RSA Social Club joined the TT&CC in November 2020 under our new name Poppy Friendship Section.

We now have 55 members, both male and female and meet each month, even if its only drinks and nibbles at the Town & Country which is usually on the last Sunday in the month.

In 2021 we went to Mt Cook for two nights and had exceptional weather up there. We also went for two nights to Christchurch.
Every year June Christmas, our Secretary, organises a four or five day trip away for Anniversary weekend in September. in 2021 we went to Queenstown and for 2022 it is to be Picton. We always get a full bus for these weekends.

We have mystery day trips, advertised day trips, car trials, visits to Phar Lap racecourse and our Christmas meal out. Our subs at present (May 2022) are $10 but will be going up to $15 next financial year.

Wine Club

As we can only cater for 40 people at a tasting we would like to remind everyone that the first 40 to respond will be the ones that are able to come to the tasting.

The Wine Club are very active and not only do they have their monthly tastings from various wineries around the countryside they also go on trips away. The most notable trips of 2013 were the Barossa Valley Wine Trip to Australia for seven days and the weekends away to the Canterbury Wineries and the Otago Wineries. In 2014 the Wine Club went to Sydney and the wineries there before departing on a food and wine cruise. In 2015 they have toured the Marlborough wineries for a long weekend. There will be plenty more trips to come with the hard working committee making it all happen.

Great company, great wine - what more could a person ask for !!

The Next Wine Club Tasting Night
Third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.
Remember the first 40 only to respond will be able to attend.